What are the different types of Box Tops?

There are three types of Box Tops, here's some information about each. (Coordinators: you're invited to check out the Get Started page for more details and submission instructions.)

  1. Box Tops Clip - This is is the familiar icon found on hundreds of product packages. Each one can be worth $.10 to a Box Tops participating school. Clip the Box Tops from these packages and provide them to an enrolled Box Tops for Education School before their expiration date. The Coordinator at that school will bundle all the valid Box Tops received and send them in for processing and payment. 
  2. Bonus Box Tops Certificate – Bonus Box Tops Certificates are typically found on specially marked packages during a Box Tops promotion at your Store. They may also be presented with your receipt when you've made a qualifying purchase during a special offer featured at your Store. Each one will carry a 5-digit code and instructions on how to redeem them: Like regular Box Tops, these printed certificates should be provided to a participating school for submission by the School Coordinator.
  3. Bonus Box Tops Offers - Bonus Box Tops can also be earned by you and awarded to your school automatically through your participation in various promotional offers like an on-line sweepstakes, receipt scanning promotion in the Box Tops Bonus App, or making applicable purchases in participating retailer shopping card loyalty programs. Occasionally a 14 digit printed code will be provided for your purchase or participation in promotional offers such as these. In such cases, the code should be redeemed online at boxtops4education.com to be credited to your school. These Bonus Box Tops may sometimes be referred to as eBoxTops.