How can I track our earnings at the classroom level?

Good news! There is a “Give Credit” function within the app. 

Supporters can assign credit after they take the image and click "Confirm". Before they hit "Submit", they can "Give Credit". Click "Add", choose a grade or teacher and add a note if desired (a blank field appears that allows up to 50 characters to be typed). Coordinators should inform the school’s supporters what they would like typed into this field. This field will auto-fill after the first entry; make sure to update it if necessary (such as if someone is supporting more than 1 child at same school, etc.). You can share this helpful video on how to scan a receipt and Give Credit.

School supporters can go back and assign credit to earnings up to 14 days after the scan (or digital receipt submission) date within the app. Go under “My Earnings” in the app and click on a specific earning. You will see the "Give Credit" button; click on that button, choose a grade and type into the note field. If you do not see the "Give Credit” button, those earnings either have credit already assigned or are not eligible to give credit. Note: the grade options in the app cannot be changed at this time; grade customization by coordinators may be looked at as an added feature in future app updates.

As a Coordinator, you can download the earnings report on the Box Tops website. Simply log in as a Coordinator, click on “Earnings”, scroll down to School Earnings Report, choose the desired school year and click on “Download Report". Choose which file format you prefer (Excel or .cvs), then click “Download Now”. If you choose Excel, you may need to click the “Enable Editing” box before you can edit or sort the report.

If you have any questions pertaining to the app/digital earnings, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of ( If you are having technical difficulties with the report, make sure to choose "Technical Support" from the drop down at

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