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Coordinator Landing Page and FAQs
Your role as a Box Tops Coordinator is incredibly important to us: to help your school earn as much as possible!  When you log into your Coordinator account at , you will see the school you're coordinating for and the school...
How can I track our earnings at the classroom level?
We know that some schools like to track earnings at the classroom level and we’re working on enabling that within the app. In the meantime, one approach is to ask supporters to send their coordinator screen shots from My Earnings in the app. ...
How do I remove a previous Coordinator?
NOTE : This function is not currently active on the new website. It will be added at a later date. Thanks for your patience!
How do I submit my school's Box Tops?
We want to be sure you're submitting with confidence and so we've got a lot of great information in the Get Started section at . From step-by-step directions to a helpful 2 minute how-to video and the required Submission Form ...
Submission Deadlines for Traditional Box Tops Clips
Even though Box Tops is going mobile, you may still receive clipped Box Tops at school for some time while older packages remain in store.  We will continue to honor all unexpired Box Tops when validly submitted.  You may submit your scho...
Coordinator Kit
The 2019-2020 Coordinator Kit was mailed to schools at the end of June 2019. It will also be available for download at . Simply log in as a coordinator and click on downloads. This kit is an essential resource filled with Box Tops bas...

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