How do I submit my school's Box Tops?

We want to be sure you're submitting with confidence and so we've got a lot of great information in the Get Started section at From step-by-step directions to a helpful 2 minute how-to video and the required Submission Form that must accompany your package you'll find everything you need for a successful submission. Just be sure you're logged in with your Coordinator credentials to view this important information. Remember, all receipt scan earnings will be automatically identified and credited to your school’s account online. No action is needed from you to receive your receipt scan earnings during the December and April check runs. 

1. Sort Your Box Tops Into Three Piles and Bundle Each Pile

  • Regular clipped Box Tops should be bundled into groups of 50, using rubber bands, envelopes or baggies. Label each bundle with "50" on the outside.

  • Completed collection sheets should be stapled together to total 50 Box Tops. Some sheets have only 10 or 25 spaces, so you may need to staple several sheets together to reach 50.

  • Bonus Box Tops certificates should be bundled together.

    • Tips

      • Remember, Box Tops clips don’t need to be perfectly trimmed!

      • Remove any new labels, and Box Tops clips or bonus certificates that have expired.

      • Make sure no Box Tops certificates are attached to collection sheets.

      • If you have any Bonus BoxTops™ codes, do not mail these with your submission. These 14-digit codes must be redeemed online in order for your school to receive credit.

      • All of these bundles can be submitted in one package!


2. Fill Out the Online Submission Form

  • You must use the current submission form. This tells us how many Box Tops you are submitting for your school (remember, you do not need to count receipt scan earnings) and can be completed in three easy steps:

    1. Enter the number of Box Tops and Bonus Box Tops that you are submitting. The form will automatically calculate the dollar amount for you.

    2. Verify the amounts you have entered. If your submission requires more than one package, you must print a unique submission for each one that clearly shows what is in that package.

    3. Print out the submission form. Packages without submission forms cannot be processed.


3. Prepare and Mail Your Package

  • Staple your bundle of Bonus Box Tops certificates to your submission form. Then, put everything into your package in this order:

    1. Box Tops clips on the bottom

    2. Collection sheets next

    3. Submission form and bonus certificates top

  • Remember, each shipment must have one unique submission form showing the number of Box Tops that are in that particular package. Do not send multiple envelopes in 1 shipping box (i.e. 2 or more submissions in 1 flat rate box). 


4. Tips

  • You can submit packages anytime throughout the year; they just need to be postmarked on or before the deadline to be included in the next batch of school checks.

  • Check the postmark rules of the mail carrier you choose to use. If your package is received after 6:00 pm, some carriers will postmark your package as the next day.

  • We highly recommend saving your receipt and tracking your shipment.

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