How do I remove a previous Coordinator?

Great news! The functionality to remove yourself as a coordinator has returned! 

Log into your coordinator account at and go to "Settings" under "My Account". This section shows the school for which you are coordinator and any other schools you support. Next to the school name for which you coordinate, you will see "I no longer want to be the Coordinator".

  • Click "I no longer want to be the Coordinator" if you want to remove the coordinator status from your account.
  • It will ask you, "Are you sure?".
  • You will need to click "Yes, I'm Sure" to remove coordinator status.
    • Click "No, I'd like to stay the Coordinator" to remain coordinator.

If you clicked "yes" to remove coordinator status, you are now a supporter and no longer have access to the Coordinator Home page. Click on the Box Tops for Education logo in the top left corner of the page to take you to the supporter homepage. You will still have access to your supporter account on the app.

You will not be able to remove coordinator status for anyone other than yourself. You cannot add others as a coordinator. Direct the new coordinator to

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